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Does anyone monitor the service desk where issues concerning product purchases are raised?

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Bought a course three days ago.

Got a message saying that coupon code has expired.

Raised a ticket with service desk.

No answer since in last three days.

Can't reply to the email address with the order confirmation.

Followed the link on the website for live chat but it just brings me back to the contact page.

Can't update the original ticket.

Can't find any telephone numbers or alternative addresses to find support.

Ended up here.

Customer Experience 1/100 so far.
Asked: 00:33 08/09/2016
callie 00:33 08/09/2016
Bought a course three days ago.

You bought a course from Mobile Nations?
admin 00:33 08/09/2016
Didn't need to sign up with MobiFAQ until I tried to reply to my original post here.

Looks like Mobile Nations and MobiFAQ are the same thing.

I bought a course from MobiFAQ. The link you provide is the service desk link I have already tried.

I already have a user account - couldn't have posted a ticket on the service desk without it.

Is your reply confirmation that the service desk isn't monitored?
fsolm1 00:33 08/09/2016
Try the VIP link....

Keeping in mind today is a holiday in a good portion of the world. In particular in the US and Canada.
admin 00:33 08/09/2016
Wow! Two service desks?

Who decides if I am a VIP or not? Can't see two separate tickets doing anyone any good. That's both poor customer management and disrespectful.

If you are not going to man your service desk during holidays then it should say so in the order confirmation email. It's unusual these days for no weekend service support - particularly if you are both IT and digital product based.

I think I'm done here. You have told me all I need to know.

Does anyone monitor the service desk where issues concerning product purchases are raised?

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