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How can I locate and fix a BB Z30 ic charging problem?

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I started experiences when my charger blow off due to high current supply. when I got a new blackberry charger,my z30 battery refuse to boost or increase.

I was told my phone ic charging is faulting.

please how can I locate and fix z30 ic charging problem
Asked: 05:06 31/07/2016
rcmedia 05:06 31/07/2016
Charger blow off...

Sorry but that's not a "part" that I've ever seen sold separately, except on eBay as recycled parts from another phone..
ajcrockett 05:06 31/07/2016
the charger got spoilt when I was charging my phone. if I can locate the charging ic. I can fix it
darqshadow 05:06 31/07/2016
Have you tried another charger (being aware of the output should be close to the original, or it will take longer if it is less output)

Also, I have blown my chargers if they are plugged into AC outlets that are on dimmers, the ac transformer will try to pull the juice it needs until it pops

because the dimmer was a weee bit "dimmed". NEVER plug into a "dimmer" switched ac outlet.

How can I locate and fix a BB Z30 ic charging problem?

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