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How can I make my Microsoft Lumia 535 wifi connection more stable?

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I have just bought a Lumia 535 just a month ago.
i am using wireless internet all the places around... like office.. home.. and in public places also.,.,
i am not using mobile Data Internet at all...
In this case.. Wifi connection in my mobile is not stable.
it is getting disconnected frequently and connects again..
Because of this disruption,.. i couldn't make any voip calls .. or any video calls ...

I would be happy if it got solved...

Somebody please help me.,.,.,
Asked: 09:33 24/11/2015

Best answer

rey 09:33 24/11/2015
The problem may be with your WiFi router, your data modem or your phone. Check the manual of your router and modem to check the troubleshooting guides... or you can just power them down for 15 seconds and then power them up again. This should address most issues with these two. Also try connecting a different device over WiFi and check the connection stability. If it is still unstable with a different device, you may need to replace your router or modem.

If the above does not resolve your problem, you may need to restart your phone. If restarting does not work, perform a soft reset (press volume down and power button together until your phone restarts). If this still does not resolve your problem, your phone may need repairs... but that's unlikely. The L535 is an entry Windows phone and is not expected to perform flawlessly (I got one as a temporary phone now).
hudson 09:33 24/11/2015
I am having same issues with WiFi connectivity. My Lumia 535 doesn't catch WiFi signals as good as my Lumia 520 and 630. It disconnects again and again. My router is working perfectly fine with other devices.
stephfoster 09:33 24/11/2015
my windows phone lumia 535 has tochscreen issues & wifi connection proplems after the update.the store dint fix it & dont replace it.what can i do?
druffus 09:33 24/11/2015
my windows phone lumia 535 has wi fi connection problems & tochscreen issues.what can i do ?the store refuses to replace it and dint fix it

How can I make my Microsoft Lumia 535 wifi connection more stable?

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