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How to transfer iTunes from iPad Pro to iPhone

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I am thinking of replacing my current Macbook with a iPad Pro. How would I transfer my iTunes from my iPad Pro to my iPhone? I know how to do it from my Macbook but what about if I sell my Macbook? Apple really has to solve this problem if they want us to replace our MacBooks with the new iPad Pro.
Asked: 05:06 22/12/2015
romeo 05:06 22/12/2015
An iPad Pro doesn't replace a computer, it can't be used to sync content to another iOS device.

If they are iTunes purchases, and they are still in the store and you haven't moved countries since buying them, then you might be able to redownload them via the Purchased tab in the iTunes Store app on the phone. Or you could subscribe to iTunes Match on your computer and upload your music to it (Match is only for music, not for films or videos) so that your music library is available in the cloud.
edwin 05:06 22/12/2015
Steve Cook Apple's new CEO said Why would anyone buy a computer or Macbook because Why would you need anything else? I know you could download everything twice but that really an answer if Steve Cook wants us to replace our computers with an iPad Pro.
romeo 05:06 22/12/2015
If you mean Tim Cook (Apple CEO for 4 years), then he said that it could be a replacement for many people

How to transfer iTunes from iPad Pro to iPhone

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