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iOS 9.3.1 auto deletes all text messages

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I recently upgraded my iPhone 5 16 GB to iOS 9.3.1. This resulted in all text messages being deleted from the Messages app.

The phone was running low on space so I thought the issue could be due to lack of space.

I also noticed that any new text messages get deleted after a few hours.

I have now upgraded my phone to an iPhone SE 64GB (which is also iOS 9.3.1).

However, any new text messages that I receive are still being deleted after a few hours.

Also incoming messages don't creates any notifications even though the settings see to be OK

When upgrading to the new phone I restored a backup of the previous phone from iCloud

I have checked message settings and 'Keep Messages' is set to 'Forever'

I have also tried to disable iMessage but this does not have any effect.

I can live with losing the old text messages and there's plenty of online advice about retrieving them from backups.

However I really need to fix the issue for any new messages
Asked: 20:24 18/05/2016
joeblack316 20:24 18/05/2016
Was this solved? I have the same problem too. Just upgraded my wife's iPhone 5 to iOS 9.3.1 (16G and all old text messages were deleted and new ones don't create notifications and get deleted. All settings have been properly checked. I've hard started it several times without any luck. This is absolutely unacceptable.
macdesign 20:24 18/05/2016
I have the exact same issue after upgrading to 9.3.1 (13E238) device is iphone 4s and it is VERY problematic for my communications!!
oliwood 20:24 18/05/2016
I don't have a solution yet. I may hold out for release 9.3.2 before trying anything drastic such as a factory reset. The fact that others are experiencing the same issue could mean Apple working on a fix
jfetting 20:24 18/05/2016
I have the same problem just noticed it today and I updated maybe a week or so ago. It looks like the iPhone hid them. When I look at the memory usage it still says I have 1gb of text messages. So I'm hoping a fix is coming to retrieve them. I Need them. They are my documentation for my employees at work I keep up with.

iOS 9.3.1 auto deletes all text messages

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