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iPad not activating after isos 9.3 install

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Have successfully downloaded & installed isos 9.3 on my iPad 2 but unable to activate.
Asked: 15:48 06/04/2016
djarcadian 15:48 06/04/2016
Can you describe the issue in more details?
mykoleary 15:48 06/04/2016
HI! Got an iPad 2 16gb wifi/4g and downloaded the isos 9.3 this morning (previously on 9.2) successfully downloaded, successfully installed but when going through the activation process keep getting the message" could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily in available". Tried connecting it to iTunes (latest version) on computer but still getting the same message. Have tried rebooting iPad,

rebooting computer & iPad together & various other suggestions on the forum. No success. If I knew that it was just congestion due to everyone trying to download at the same time then I am happy to wait but I am concerned that the problem may be worse than that. Can you confirm that it is the Apple server that has the problem & not me?
m3p 15:48 06/04/2016
I have the same issue. I updated my Mother's iPad 2 WIFI + Cellular. I get COULD NOT ACTIVATE IPAD. Your iPad could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your iPad to iTunes to activate it, or try again in a couple of minutes. If this problem persists, contact Apple Support.

I connected it to my Macbook Pro and I go to iTunes. I then get this message.
iTunes was unable to verify your device.Please disconnect and reconnect your device.If the error persists, please visit your nearest Apple Store for assistance.To find your nearest Apple Store, click here. I tried to go to support but I cannot get to my serial number so I cannot contact Apple Support to make an appointment. Can anyone help with this? Thank you. OH. By the way. She updated her iPad at least 4 hours ago and this is how long she has been having this problem. Any additional help would be great.
jonnyplatt 15:48 06/04/2016
I am having the same issue, and I think it's stupid that we need wifi or itunes to try and get this "reactivated".
kjackso 15:48 06/04/2016
Having exactly the same issue this is most obviously their fault with their update but im worried sick about how we will resolve the issue when we now wont even be able to download a new update with fixes because it cant be activated to use it. Im furious i was in the middle of my uni assignments
aslansag 15:48 06/04/2016
hi you need to contact Apple as you will have to go to specialist adviser to try and find what files are corrupt, i'm waiting right now a lot of waiting on phone.
dagrey 15:48 06/04/2016
This is a known problem/glitch.

Apple, I believe, has acknowledge this issue with activation server difficulties with certain iPad models and have stated that they are working on this issue and that it will be resolved as soon as possible
kjackso 15:48 06/04/2016
i have no idea how they will be able to resolve this when you cannot even get past activation in order to be able to download a fix this is beyond ridiculous

iPad not activating after isos 9.3 install

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