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iphone 6 - need replacement

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Hi everyone,

My iphone 6 display has broken.

I know apple can fix the screen for 109 USD.

I want to have my phone replaced for an iphone 6S.

Do you have any idea of how much money that would cost?

Asked: 10:27 08/05/2016
innevi 10:27 08/05/2016
That is part of the trade-in program. Since your iPhone is broken don't expect to get much for it and the only way you will get an exact number is by taking it to your nearest Apple Store or sending it in. You can get an idea from here:
fruetel 10:27 08/05/2016
It will cost you the retail price of an iPhone 6s, less whatever money you can get from selling your broken phone. You can't 'upgrade' it like that.
accessibleseo 10:27 08/05/2016
Hi innevie,

I spoke to the chat service, and they told me that I can get a new iphone (whichever model I want). They will put a price to my phone and I will have to pay the rest.

My question is - approximately how much money would it be?

But the upgrade exists!


iphone 6 - need replacement

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