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iPhone disabled?

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i had some phone support from Apple today because my iPad air2 had to be reset/restored after it went loopy last night! It wouldn't recognise my modem. I finally sorted that problem out myself and once back online discovered iPad asking if I wanted to restore from iCloud, android (which I don't have!) don't have an iPhone either. No PCs here, only iPad. So I wanted to start as a brand new iPad and with help of support worked way through the stages, electing to add things like CC later. however once support call finished, I discovered yes I'd finally got some original iOS 8 apps back, like camera and FaceTime. Couldn't access my iCloud mail either though the app was there. Don't know what the tech did remotely but yes I then had my mail working properly.

Also restrictions which I hadn't put on last year, we're now off thank goodness. So now iPad telling me yes I'm on ios9.3.1, but I've also still got original passwords, and CC details all of which should have been deleted when I watched the delete process While talking to Apple Support Tech. So why are they still there and where has my little grey circle gone that was always on screen and I could change orientation with - so what now? Is there a solution! iPad tells me it's all up to date, when it obviously isn't!

End of saga is the following email I've just seen!
Find My iPhone has been disabled on Shirley's iPadWith Find My iPhone disabled, this device can no longer be located, placed in Lost Mode, or remotely erased using or the Find My iPhone iOS app.In addition, your Apple ID and password will no longer be required for someone to erase, reactivate, and use your iPad.
HELP! I've never had an iPhone does this mean someone can still access somehow my iPad through the router/phone wall Socket? I am only person in house! iPad only device, my mobile phone is a totally different make! Although yes mobile contract is with same company that supplies my landline/internet! I only use mobile to text from home not to talk on Except when out and need to call a taxi,
Asked: 12:48 14/05/2016
hanpep 12:48 14/05/2016
Find my iPhone can be used on any iOS device, iPads and iPod touches as well as iPhones. It would normally be enabled as part of setting up iCloud. It must be disabled in order to wipe the device. I suspect that you have restored from an iCloud backup even if you didn't intend to. You should enable Find My iPhone again on your device so you can protect your data if the iPad is lost or stolen.


iPhone disabled?

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