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issue with 9.3 on ipad2

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i have ipad2 / 3g-wifi where the last version was 9.2.1 slowly version than older but stable ,until yesterday everything was ok ,when i put new version 9.3 after successful update , during setup i took a message about activation , what there happens ; someone to be explain what above

thank you in advance
Asked: 15:45 06/04/2016
caroline 15:45 06/04/2016
There seems to be an issue, especially with older devices. And I would guess that it's on Apple's end since it is affecting so many.

You can try to use iTunes to restore your device from backup

Or you could just wait it out and see if Apple fixes things.
lavel 15:45 06/04/2016
First of all Thanks for your answer

Finally in this case RESTORE from the BACKUP was the Solution (from DFU mode) .

Thanks again
seabass 15:45 06/04/2016
Apple has acknowledge the issue with activation server difficulties with certain iPad models and have stated that they are working on this issue and that it will be resolved as soon as possible.

issue with 9.3 on ipad2

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