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Mobile Hotspot on Lumia 640 with Cricket $70 unlimited plan?

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Cricket Wireless' unlimited plan doesn't technically allow mobile hotspot, but I know it's possible to work around it because I'm able to use it on my Moto X Pure with Cyanogenmod ROM installed.

I'd like to buy a 640 as a backup phone, but only if I can use the mobile hotspot with the unlimited plan.

Can anybody confirm whether it's possible to use mobile hotspot on Cricket's $70 unlimited plan with the Lumia 640? I'm thinking it might be possible with an install of W10M insider preview...
Asked: 04:15 10/07/2016
serep 04:15 10/07/2016
Insider Preview doesn't do anything to unlock the restricted tethering option. W10M/WP check with the carrier to see if your IMEI is authorized to use tethering. I've been poking in the registry to see if I can disable this, but I've had no luck thus far.

I'm on: L640, W10M Fast, Cricket.

If you want to tether without anyone bothering you, FireFoxOS.

Found it:

Relevant key change:



Mobile Hotspot on Lumia 640 with Cricket $70 unlimited plan?

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