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Dtek50 LCD Replacement with a Alcatel Idol 4 LCD

So I dropped my Dtek50 broke the LCD I cant buy a LCD for my Dtek50 but I've read that the Alcatel Idol 4 is the same phone can I use the LCD from

by alpinesprings Last post 09:08 13/12/2016 1508 2

After Windows 10 Anniversary Update, computer will not complete boot-up

The Windows 10 Anniversary update automatically installed on my HP Laptop computer Following the update installation when the computer restarted to

by davidlee Last post 17:27 07/12/2016 1598 2

I dont understand why fifa mobile soccer is crashing on my lenovo miix 700? when it has 8gb ram.

I have downloaded the game from microsoft store I cant go pass the signing in window

by strafe Last post 16:15 07/12/2016 1293 1

blackberry Priv, emoticons-empty sms

At the begining when I sent emoticons in a txt everybody got them but since couple of days they receive empty sms When I type a txt I see emoticon

by gab1982 Last post 14:39 07/12/2016 1106 2

why i can't install google play store,followed all your steps!

holding a blackberry passport 10 3 2 2836 and tried everything to install google play store doesn't let me install anything followed your steps but

by qll Last post 14:36 07/12/2016 1527 2

Accidentally link all number to one contact, is their a way to unlink it?

100 contacts lost all number when into one contact can we unlink it with out losing the contacts details??

by zackman Last post 14:33 07/12/2016 1799 1

how do i transfer data from passport to priv?

help phone coming tomorrow

by astrab Last post 13:09 07/12/2016 1266 2

Since my update of Win 10 I cannot get into the store to purchase anything!!!!!!! How to fix this.

First of all I could not install new update kept getting errors 0xc1900107 microsoft support handeled that with a 5 hour call to India Next error was

by global Last post 13:06 07/12/2016 1202 3

Why do I keep getting error 0x80072EFD

After Microsoft support from India fixed error 0xc1900107 Update which took 5 hours they could not fix error 0x80072EFD I cannot get anything from

by birdie Last post 13:03 07/12/2016 1178 2

Volume and audibility during phone calls Lumia 950 XL

I have had quite a few instances whether making a call or receiving one where the the recipient or caller mentions that they can hardly hear me I

by aabbaa Last post 12:57 07/12/2016 1358 1

How do i reply individual chats on bbm group

How do I reply individual/different chats coming from different group members in a bbm group It will help to reduce confusion and usually occurs in a

by aussieseek Last post 11:51 07/12/2016 975 1

Is the new OS now available in South Africa?

I haven't received any notification to update my os tried to do it manually but update still not available Has anybody in South Africa got the update

by coc Last post 11:48 07/12/2016 936 1

passport headset earbuds don't stick

Am I missing something here? The earbuds on the headset for my Passport will not stay in the ears How do others use them?

by scarlett Last post 11:45 07/12/2016 1616 1

can I get uber app on blackberry 9860 Torch?

I can't seem to download it

by jon12345 Last post 11:42 07/12/2016 1084 2

why can i not download any apps from the windows store.

I cannot download any apps from the store I have followed all forum suggestions to no avail Windows 10 anniversary update and edge Microsoft sup[ort

by loum Last post 11:39 07/12/2016 1027 3
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