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Out of warranty question

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Can anyone help me with an out of warranty replacement question?
Asked: 15:30 06/04/2016
allfeeds 15:30 06/04/2016
Sure, if you post the question, maybe we can (I make no promises without knowing what the question is).
rhastman 15:30 06/04/2016
Hey thanks for replying to my question. The problem I have is I got iPhone 6 on contract from Vodafone on Oct 31 2014 online. Since then the handset has broken and asked local apple shop if I could replace it. Was told it would cost £242 for a replacement. Now the real problem is that I can't remember my Apple ID that Apple need to verify I am who I say I am. They asked for proof of purchase and the only thing I have a dispatch note that came with the phone. It has my name, address, phone number and IMEI number of broken phone on it. Would this suffice as proof of purchase.
allfeeds 15:30 06/04/2016
I Would try contacting Vodafobe and asking for a receipt form them. Or what about your contract? Do you have a hard copy or can you print that from your web account with them as it likely shows your device listed on there. Or, if you paid by credit card, can you pull up your old statements somewhere with the charge for the phone on it?

Ultimately, what Apple usually wants is some sort of actual record of the transaction between the source of the device and you. Since you got this under contract with Vodafone, they should have some record of the transaction, or it should be searchable for on your web account with them or in your billing statements from them.

Also, just call the Apple Store, explain what you have and ask them if that is sufficient or should you wait to hear from Vodafone about paperwork?
rhastman 15:30 06/04/2016
tthanks buddy, just spoke to apple on the phone and they helped me remember my Apple ID so I've got it all sorted, thanks for you time mate, you were a big help
allfeeds 15:30 06/04/2016
You are welcome, and glad it worked out easily for you.

Out of warranty question

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