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unable to retrieve text messages

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I am unable to retrieve text messages. When I recieve a notification that I have a text, I click on the text msg icon and my screen goes white and I am unable to perform any functions while it is in this mode. After about 30 seconds, the phone screen restores to my 'home page.' All other apps on the phone work fine. I think what triggered this glitch was a friend sending me a text with several pictures and this may have jammed my text msg. any ideas for resolving this issue are greatly appreciated.

Asked: 16:51 30/04/2016
aduggan 16:51 30/04/2016
Close all open apps by double-tapping the home button, then swiping up and off the screen with the app window (not the smaller icon).

Reset your device: hold down the home button along with the sleep/wake button until the screen goes black and you see the Apple, then let go. (No data loss)
howard 16:51 30/04/2016
hmmm...Closed all open apps as you instructed and then also reset the device and the problem persists, unfortunately.
lola 16:51 30/04/2016
This is the first I have heard of this (and I work with iPhone text-message data every day!)

Here are my first thoughts:
  • As aduggan suggested before, did you close all of the apps (or really, just the Messages app) and then restart the device. (And not the other order I just want to be sure we try that first.)
  • Have you tried opening the messages app from a text-message notification (so it goes directly to the conversation with the new message) I'd like to experiment with a message from someone other than the person who sent you a bunch of images, just in case the crash is from rendering that conversation on the screen.

There's some more heavy-handed things we can do (like backup, factory restore, restore from backup,) but I prefer to start with some simple poking around before we get crazy
howard 16:51 30/04/2016
Yup, I followed those instructions and it did not resolve the issue. However, I was able just now to fix it. I went into my contacts via the ph icon on my homepage, selected a contact other than the person who texted me the images and clicked on the message icon for that contact person. This brought up my text history with that individual and the option to enter a new text. From this page i was able to click on the 'messages' link in the upper left hand corner which brought me to my list of messages from all individuals incl/ the unread text from the individual who texted the images and I was able to open the text with all the images. It seems like the glitch was being unable to open the text from the shortcut on my homescreen for some unknown reason. Thank you folks for your help!
sourcecode 16:51 30/04/2016
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unable to retrieve text messages

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