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Using Photos in Whatsapp

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I have a Lumia 950. I can see all my photos when I access the photos folder on my phone. When trying to attach a photo using WhatsApp I can only see photos taken since I got the new phone (I had a 1020 previously). I'm guessing that the ones I can't see from within WhatsApp are stored in the cloud. I didn't have an SD card installed but I have installed one today. I have changed my settings so that all future media files will be stored on the SD card.

How do I get a copy of my photos from the cloud and onto the SD card? Am I right in assuming that this will cure the problem I'm experiencing in WhatsApp?
Asked: 00:39 08/09/2016
productivepc 00:39 08/09/2016
Connect 950 to computer using USB cable. Open SD folder. Open 1Drive Photos folder. Drag n drop photos in SD folder you wish. Make sure you do a clean job or else you end up with a lot of duplicate photos.

DO NOT remove SD card from phone to copy files/photos onto it when inserted in a computer...only copy while SD card is inside 950.
ajcrockett 00:39 08/09/2016
Thanks for the swift reply. I have just tried this and the system will not allow me to drag files from the cloud to another folder (i.e. the windows phone). I'm reasonably computer literate but no expert.
productivepc 00:39 08/09/2016
Use Download from 1Drive into SD on 950. Drag+drop works if you use 1Drive folder on your computer rather than using Internet browser and try directly from 1Drive web site.
ajcrockett 00:39 08/09/2016
Many thanks for that. Mission accomplished!!

Using Photos in Whatsapp

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