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What is the processor on the Galaxy S7?

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Have they released what processor is on the Galaxy S7?

What can we expect the Galaxy S7 screen size to be?

Have the dimensions of the Galaxy S7 been announced?

I plan to move to China at the end of the summer and I am interested in purchasing an S7 before I go. What model do I have to buy to be able to use it in China?

What size ram is expected to be in the Galaxy S7?

What model S7 will be released in the UK?

What type of touch screen can we expect with the S7? Do you think it'll have 3D touch?

Will the Galaxy S7 come complete with an micro SD card slot?
Asked: 04:27 01/02/2016
tmroman 04:27 01/02/2016
Nothing official, but I would expect similar to the S6. Just a guess, as nothing whatsoever has been announced.
elmejor 04:27 01/02/2016
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kewler 04:27 01/02/2016
Probably, but it'll be called something Samsung names it. Honestly, I have a 6s plus and never use it. I'll be interested in seeing what Sammy does with it but to me, it's fairly useless.
normaldude 04:27 01/02/2016
I sure hope so ... It's such a great idea, but still has a lot of work left. Google has been working hard on the technology for their own iOS apps, so hopefully 2016 we'll see it evolve within Android. I really think it's a great feature with a ton of upside.

What is the processor on the Galaxy S7?

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