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Why are my group chats sending as text messages and not imessages?

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I'm in a couple of group chats, but 1 of them keeps sending my messages as texts and not imessages and the other people keep saying it starts a whole new text group when I respond to them. But i have another group chat with 2 people and it sends imessage no problem. Any idea why? I've even re-added people in my contacts to see if that's why.
Asked: 22:21 24/01/2016
rfuess 22:21 24/01/2016
Send a group message with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

You left out a key component of that group text your having issue with you didn't state if all are iphone users or not.

If they are, then someone have imessage turned off.

If they aren't all iphone user then someone doesn't have MMS enabled or provisioned by their carrier.
donfrank 22:21 24/01/2016
Yes all iPhone users. It was imesssage but now its text.
donfrank 22:21 24/01/2016
" >SSee it says iMessage at the top but when I go to write it says text message???
rfuess 22:21 24/01/2016
As I stated earlier, someone may have imessage turned off on their phone.

I see the issue on the other two phones, as you stated you have no issue with another group imessage text.

Why are my group chats sending as text messages and not imessages?

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