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Why do I still have my desktop background?

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I got a virus on my laptop and reinstalled windows with the scrub my drive option. When I finished reinstalling and got to the desktop I noticed that my desktop background was the same one that my slideshow was on before I reinstalled. Should I be concerned?
Asked: 09:39 12/08/2016
localhost 09:39 12/08/2016
Did you sign into your MS account during setup? Do you have other devices on your account with the sync option turned on? If so, out might be that your settings have simply synced across your devices.

It's always a good idea, though, to run Defender again, install and run malwarebytes, hitman pro, or some other virus-seeking software.

There is a slight chance that I have no idea what I'm talking about.
bizbuy 09:39 12/08/2016
I'm pretty sure that this is a result of settings sync based on your MS account ID.

Right before the cutoff date, I installed W10 on an older laptop. After the installation process was completed, I discovered that my desktop background mirrored that of my main laptop - and this was not a static was a series of images that I have set to change every minute.
tht 09:39 12/08/2016
I ran a malwarebytes scan (with rootkits enabled on the C drive) and it came up clean. I am currently doing a windows defender scan, I'll reply if it finds anything. Thanks, I didn't even think about the microsoft account syncing! Have a nice day and thanks for all your help.

Why do I still have my desktop background?

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