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Why is there a picture of one of my previous screens embedded in the back of the screen?

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Hi. I am on a Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.4. It's about a year old. When I am on a screen that is white, or most colors, I can see a small bit of a previous screen that I was on. I can see one of my clocks I used to have, and I can see the phone icon. It's pretty hard to see, and it doesn't show up in screenshots. I have this same problem on my tablet (iPad Mini). Does anyone have a solution? Any of your help is greatly appreciated!
Asked: 05:42 10/01/2016
stoner3221 05:42 10/01/2016
Don't respond to this one. At the top of the screen in the address bar, change 628363 to 628370 and hit enter.

Why is there a picture of one of my previous screens embedded in the back of the screen?

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