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Why would Moto G charge in one location and not another?

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Hi. I have a Moto G. It would no longer turn on or accept a charge. I replaced it with a Moto E a couple of weeks ago. I was not able to get the data transferred from the Moto G to the Moto E. I went to the Verizon store. They used an old charger for an LG phone and that was powerful enough to "jump start" the Moto G and keep it running.

I bought the same charger on EBay. At home, I tested the outlet and the charger with a different phone and the outlet and the charger work. However when I put the Moto G on this charger that I just received, I can't get the Moto to take a charge from the charger.

Why would this LG charger work in the Verizon store but the same model charger (that I know works) will not charge the Moto G at home.

I need to keep the phone charging while i transfer the data (contacts, photos, etc.) over to the new phone.

Any ideas?
Asked: 02:39 07/04/2016
desquite 02:39 07/04/2016
There might be a hardware problem with your phone. Possibly with the charging port.

Why would Moto G charge in one location and not another?

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