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Windows 10 does not recognise my BlackBerry phone - how can I resolve this issue?

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Since upgrading to Windows 10 my laptop does not recognise any of my devices. Currently my BB will not allow me to email photos to myself, or send files via Bluetooth, so I have no way to transfer files to my laptop. I've ordered an SD card adapter, but is there any way to actually solve the problem?
Asked: 01:45 08/12/2016
paul 01:45 08/12/2016
Have you tried reinstalling the BlackBerry software?
nickberry 01:45 08/12/2016
If you use iTunes
If you don't.....
- don't use USB3 ports
- Remove all BlackBerry related software (Blend, LINK, Drivers - older desktop software if you have it)
- Reboot
- Disable all malware and virus scanning.
- Redownload and install latest bundled version of Blend (BLEND, LINK, DRIVERS)
- reboot and try again...

Windows 10 does not recognise my BlackBerry phone - how can I resolve this issue?

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