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How to unlock LUMIA 550

I live in Serbia phone is from the VIP Network Does anyone know how to unlock it Please help!!! Thank you

by cutter Last post 20:17 01/08/2017 1147 3

What is the code to unlock Nokia Lumia 435? It uses O2 Network

I got as a present from UK and i cant use it

by esmint Last post 19:55 31/07/2017 982 2

unlock code

I am purchasing a Lumia 950 xl unlocked for my Wife to replace her aging Lumia 1520 We are both on a plan with our son Service...

by Last post 22:08 31/05/2017 1051 3

Free unlock code for Lumia 550

I am in the UK and the phone is on Vodafone network Thanks in advance

by jontelofot Last post 23:40 24/05/2017 1610 2

Unlocking Lumia 640

I just got a Lumia 640 as well as the unlock code to get it off AT&T The instructions said to get a non ATT sim card What...

by pupluvr918 Last post 20:41 16/05/2017 1325 4

Unlock Nokie Lumia 620

I want unlock this phone any website? Please Im from Portugal

by drumat5280 Last post 20:56 03/04/2017 969 2

how do i unlock my nokia lumia 635

a help please for unlock code of my nokia lumia 635 my email

by strategicrankings Last post 21:45 06/03/2017 1125 3

If I want to play games fluently

What kind of computers should I buy? How much will it cost?

by ClareHope Last post 06:33 06/01/2017 3346 0

How to bring yahoo setting up to date

How can i bring my yahoo setting up to date secondly i can't watch videos on my laptop

by njock2000 Last post 15:48 13/12/2016 3143 0

Movies & TV purchases on Android phone

So I decided to get an Android and was wondering if there was a way to watch my purchased movies from Windows on my Android...

by medhahari Last post 08:54 09/12/2016 3218 2

windows lumia 640 go unlock and i have ultra mobile sim. so how i unlock this

i have ultra mobile sim so how i unlock this "windows lumia 640 go unlock"

by elee Last post 21:42 07/12/2016 1018 2

nokia lumia 710 charged with the wrong charger

My nokia lumia 710 was accidentally charged using an androis charger The battery now has a shorter charged life is there...

by rochu2 Last post 21:42 07/12/2016 2473 1

Should I upgrade to Windows mobile 10 from 8.1 ? (Nokia Lumia 1520)

I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 1520 that came with Windows 8 1 and it seems to work fine as is so is it worth it to upgrade to...

by vince Last post 20:27 07/12/2016 1751 12

XBox One 1TB system compare

What is the difference between the green Limited Edition Xbox One 1TB that comes with Battlefield and the Xbox One 1TB system...

by zareef Last post 20:21 07/12/2016 2450 1

After Windows 10 Anniversary Update, computer will not complete boot-up

The Windows 10 Anniversary update automatically installed on my HP Laptop computer Following the update installation when the...

by davidlee Last post 17:27 07/12/2016 1561 2

I dont understand why fifa mobile soccer is crashing on my lenovo miix 700? when it has 8gb ram.

I have downloaded the game from microsoft store I cant go pass the signing in window

by strafe Last post 16:15 07/12/2016 1259 1

Accidentally link all number to one contact, is their a way to unlink it?

100 contacts lost all number when into one contact can we unlink it with out losing the contacts details??

by zackman Last post 14:33 07/12/2016 1767 1

Since my update of Win 10 I cannot get into the store to purchase anything!!!!!!! How to fix this.

First of all I could not install new update kept getting errors 0xc1900107 microsoft support handeled that with a 5 hour call...

by global Last post 13:06 07/12/2016 1182 3

Why do I keep getting error 0x80072EFD

After Microsoft support from India fixed error 0xc1900107 Update which took 5 hours they could not fix error 0x80072EFD I...

by birdie Last post 13:03 07/12/2016 1159 2

Volume and audibility during phone calls Lumia 950 XL

I have had quite a few instances whether making a call or receiving one where the the recipient or caller mentions that they...

by aabbaa Last post 12:57 07/12/2016 1331 1