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Z30 not detecting WIFI

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Z30 not detecting any WIFI. This is not a router problem. Have replaced O/S per Blackberry. Now Blackberry is saying it must be a hardware problem, take it to a repair shop.
Has anyone actually had the hardware fixed so the phone will now detect WIFI?
I still think this has to be a software issue.
Asked: 04:57 23/09/2016
wsks 04:57 23/09/2016
Common issue on the Z30.
Either :
- turning Wi-Fi off on BlackBerry device for 10 minutes,
- restarting the router,
- rebooting the Z30 or
- turning it off for a while most of the time helps.
(It often has a hard time reconnecting after staying out of range while wifi was still on, or when too many messages are coming in at the same time).
Try also switching band from 5 Ghz to 2.4 Ghz and/or wifi channel & see if it improves.
(I know you mentioned it wasn't a problem with your router; I had the very same issue & came to solve 90% of that painful Z30 wifi by getting a $50 dlink router, model of which is dap 150).
Last, living in Côte d’Ivoire where power is not quite stable, I've noticed some signal drop outs depending on the electricity at one given time, especially as other devices are initiating connection on the network ;
(those are the 10% when I'm still experiencing wifi issues).
Hope the above points kind of give you some hints to improve your wifi a bit on your BlackBerry...
Z30, STA100-2 /
grinler 04:57 23/09/2016
Fantastic, thanks for your quick response. I will try all of your suggestions and hopefully I end up at 90% also.

Z30 not detecting WIFI

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